Intermediate Recreational Gymnastics

An 8 week course for children from full time school age to 12 Years


Children working on our Intermediate Grades 2 and 1 train at a different time as these are more technical and require a different format of teaching. From these classes it is possible for children to be invited to trial for Advanced gymnastics according to their ability level where the groups are then organised by ability rather than age


Days and Times

  Monday    6pm to 7pm

Tuesday    5pm to 6pm      8pm to 9pm

Wednesday    6pm to 7pm

  Thursday    6pm to 7pm

  Friday    6pm to 7pm

  Saturday    11am to 12noon

  Sunday    11am to 12noon




Cost Grades 2 to 1 - £52.00 for 8 week course


To discuss availability of dates and times please contact:

Reception desk at Ipswich Gymnastics Centre

7 Braziers Wood Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, England, IP3 0SP

Telephone: +44 (0)1473 433676

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1 Hour Recreational Classes

  • Our terms are 8 weeks long and run back to back. Our terms do not coincide with school terms, meaning we are still open and running during school holidays – with the exception of bank holidays.
  • Priority re-booking for the next term of the 1-hour classes takes place in weeks 5,6 & 7. Failure to re-book in the allocated weeks may result in your place being lost or offered to the waiting list.  Children who are not booked in at the start of the subsequent term will not be automatically offered a place if there are no spaces And may need to consider a different session.
  • We do not offer refunds if you decide your child does not want to continue after week 3 of a course, because at this point we could not offer a new child a space on the term at this stage, starting in week 4 means they would not be ready for testing in week 6. You are welcome to finish the block you have paid for before finishing.
  • Test weeks fall on weeks 6 & 7 of every term (the week numbers are displayed on the front of the reception desk so you are able to keep track of what week we are on).
  • It is essential your child attends both of these weeks to complete their test.
  • If you know your child will be missing one/both of these weeks prior to testing weeks, please speak to the coaches in the gym and they will try their best to test early but cannot guarantee this.
  • Test results will only be given out in week 8 once they have been finalised by the coaches.
  •  We do not test any later than week 7. If your child was unable to make the testing weeks, this will mean they will not be assessed.
  •  We cannot offer any re-takes on tests or moves if your child did not pass. 
  • If your child does not pass this does mean they will have to re-do their whole grade again until the next testing weeks.


Thank-you for your co-operation

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