Junior Recreational Advanced Gymnastics



Once children have passed all their Grades from 6 to 1 they move on to our Advanced classes working through our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum awards, these sessions being for 2 hours per week and much more technical and routine based. On achieving these Grades the gymnasts can then move on to train for and compete in Suffolk County and Regional Competitions.


Days and Times

 Monday    4pm to 6pm - G        4pm to 6pm - B        7pm to 9pm - G

 Tuesday    4pm to 6pm - G         4pm to 6pm - B        6pm to 8pm - G

 Wednesday    4pm to 6pm - G         7pm to 9pm - G         7pm to 9pm - B

 Thursday    4pm to 6pm - G         4pm to 6pm - B         7pm to 9pm - G

 Friday    4pm to 6pm - G        6pm to 8pm - B         7pm to 9pm - G

 Saturday    12noon to 2pm - G

 Sunday    12noon to 2pm - G


Key:  M = Mixed Gender   G = Girls   B= Boys


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